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In rare occasions in history people achieve greatness. The truly great become symbols. Nelson Rolihlala has become, far beyond the borders of South Africa, a universal symbol for the failure of repression an the liberty of the human spirit. He’ll be 95 on july 18th.

First try with my brand-new watercolors, again a gift from my father, on real watercolor paper (Hurrah for progress)!



James Gandolfini 1961-2013

I really don’t have time at the moment to be drawing as i have to make up for some lost time from work. But i really wanted to pay tribute to the great James Gandolfini who passed away, way too early, yesterday in Italy. So i did something i remember from my time as a student and set myself a „pencil down” challenge, trying to capture a likeliness within a limited 10 minutes. Here’s the quick sketch, pencil on paper.


A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar….


Them good ol' days 2

So Here it is: the very first watercolor painting i ever made. It’s a typical little house on the Danish island „Fyn” in the neighborhood of „Odense”.

Watercolour on paper - 1984!


Classical Gas

Well it’s a start i suppose. Inspired by the great Tommy Emmanuel I made this little watercolor thingy with my vintage Schminke watercolor box. It’s not a perfect portrait by a long stretch but i did have loads of fun with it. I’ll definitely be buying a few new paint cubes (as i am missing a few basic colours) and i’ll be purchasing some watercolor paper because this normal sketch paper curls in all kinds of directions when wet.