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"The moose came in second"

Here’s a quick sketch i did of one of the greatest comedians of our time. Because Woody Allen is now well known for his high quality „arthouse” movies, we might forget that he became famous as a standup comedian. While his movie scripts are often neurotic and funny, as a standup he was hilarious! Here’s to you Woody.



Look everyone, it's Greg kinnear!

Fifty years ago today.

We always have a reason to get a point across. Especially when we’re displeased with some or other situation. Now you can get a point across verbally, by use of language and whit to illustrate your position. This would be by far the preferred method as will be demonstrated shortly.

There are those who choose to voice their discontent by the use of violence. Sometimes violence is deemed „legal” or „justified”. Sometimes it’s claimed by countries, sometimes by obscure groups, sometimes the authors of the violent act remain anonymous.

Even though Lee Harvey Oswald was accused and arrested and then killed under the weirdest of circumstances, we’ll never really know who killed this man, nor will we ever really know the reason why. Violence in any way shape or form is always pointless.

P.S. If you don’t get the pretty obvious Greg Kinnear reference - Google’s your friend!

Here’s my little tribute to JFK. At first I wanted to give him a big smile, but today, i suppose he hasn’t got a lot to smile about.



La Bande de Moules

So I was lucky to visit Scotland with a group of „wallons”, celebrating the 40th birthday of my dear friend Olivier. We just all had the best of times ! As a little souvenir I’ve tried to capture the character of each participating member in a little drawing, depicting our „Band of Clams” or „Bande de Moules”. Hope we’ll be doing this again someday.

The colored version is on it’s way….

bande de moules_smallbande colour