Art and photography from the righthand lefty

Jan: Guitarist extraordinaire

This is a picture I made of the super talented and super efficient and super modest Jan Ghesquière during a „French Chanson” recording session @ darthfaderstudio. I’ll say without hesitation that this man is among the best pro’s out there !

Jan Zw-w


Kim Wilde: somewhere in the middle

So, as you can see in the video, I destroyed the drawings I made of Kim and Born during filming. However, it seems I did save a „middle stage JPEG” of Kim’s face. So here it is.

I might be posting the original pencil sketches used to make the video in the upcoming days.



Born Crain - Identity

So today Born Crains new album „IDENTITY” was released. The production pays homage to the quality pop of the eighties while remaining very contemporary. We therefore went for artwork with, hopefully, the same properties. It was an honor to be involved in this project, developing the art and the graphic design to match with the music. I love to draw, love graphic design and I love music: life is good!

I was one of the first to hear the songs in the studio, and I’ve been biting my lip ever since. Now that it’s out I can finally say:
it sounds amazing!

Here’s some of the artwork, to listen to some songs, visit
iTunes or your local media store !






Music has always been a passion of mine and the last few years i’ve been blessed with some assignments in relation to the music business. I’m extremely stoked about, the insanely talented, Born Crain’s new album „IDENTITY” for which i was asked to do the graphic design. The album comes out tomorrow… so more to follow but in the meantime here’s the video i did for his latest single „SUPERSTARS”.

Born Crain Superstars from FD-Media on Vimeo.

Buy it on iTunes



The Boonx

When i did the photography „THE BOONX” I was planning on making several studio portraits of singer Xavier Boone depicting a variety of emotions. I would then composite these images into one. But during another shoot on location in different hangouts of the singer in Gent I took this headshot. It was shot with a long shutter time in the faint light of a bulb hanging in a corridor between the bar area and the restrooms of „’t Verdronken Land” in Ghent. When I was reviewing my pictures the next morning, I found that this one shot told the complete story all by itself. It IS Xavier Boone. And so it became the cover.

Apparently people at VRT Radio one had the same feeling when we used this picture on a fake album cover we made to present the first single. „I know exactly how the rest of the album is going to sound” one DJ reportedly said.

I’m pretty happy about it if i say so myself. By the way „
SLOWPOKE” is an amazing album! It belongs in every musiclover’s collection, so get it now!




Woestijnvis was at one point the most successfull TV-productionhouse in Belgium. When they took over the ailing VT4 tv-channel, expectations were that they would generate the largest viewing public on Flemish TV. One year later we know better. Stating it delicately we can only speak of a moderate success. Then again, realistically, what can you really say after a first year in business? Things’ll get better.

Anyhow, this is a little illustration i made about a year ago, at the start of „VIER” starring Steven Van Herreweghe.

van herreweghe


The Chinese Chef

Ages ago i made a sketch. While i was experimenting in „Manga Studio” I finally came `round to finishing it last night. Manga Studio is a piece of software for comic book artists and illustrators. You could just as well ink in photoshop but there’s something about this software that makes me like it. This is only the first full color illustration i did in Manga Studio and overall I’m really pleased with the result.

About the subject: I could have given it all kinds of political meanings and subtexts, but i chose not to. Read into it whatever you like, to me it’s a happy Chinese chef and an unhappy chicken.