Art and photography from the righthand lefty

Final goodbye...

It’s been a sad week. On saturday 21st of january, merely 24 days before celebrating an entire century on earth, my grandmother passed away. She was born during the first world war. She survived the third bombing of Merelbeke Station during the second one while my grandfather was taken POW to Germany. Having literally lost everything, they had a successful life together, raising two daughters and building a business. I have nothing but love and respect for these people and I’m grateful they stayed in fairly good health for such a long time. As a final farewell, I decided to paint their portraits this week, celebrating their lives and honouring their legacy.

Happy 2017

It seems I’ve been doing most of my posting on my Facebook page the last year or two... I’ve decided to jumpstart the blog as well. To start the year, here’s a picture I made in september 2016. Jan De Smet & Wouter Berlaen, two wonderful musicians and true artists. The picture is a snapshot taken prior to a photoshoot while we were waiting for the lady of the group, Lien. It was a warm, sunny and beautiful day in Antwerp and all were in an excellent mood.