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Did some of this, did some of that

It’s not even funny how time flies sometimes. Especially when you’re really busy. And i have indeed been quite busy, so i really shouldn’t complain, but there was little or no time for just some pure fun. Then again, i am in the privileged position where i can truly say that my work is my hobby and vice versa. Lately people have been showing interest in my „abilities” as an illustrator and so, i’ve been drawing quite a bit for professional assignments (thank you ACV). I thought i’d share a few assignments.

ACV-Story of a house_small
ACV-Story of a house_detail

„The story of a house” - client: ACV Aalst
first assignment on my newly acquired yiynova MVP22U+

ACV billboard

„ACV brengt je in de stemming” - client ACV Ghendt
I also animated some of the illustrations in a little promoclip:

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