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The Boonx

When i did the photography „THE BOONX” I was planning on making several studio portraits of singer Xavier Boone depicting a variety of emotions. I would then composite these images into one. But during another shoot on location in different hangouts of the singer in Gent I took this headshot. It was shot with a long shutter time in the faint light of a bulb hanging in a corridor between the bar area and the restrooms of „’t Verdronken Land” in Ghent. When I was reviewing my pictures the next morning, I found that this one shot told the complete story all by itself. It IS Xavier Boone. And so it became the cover.

Apparently people at VRT Radio one had the same feeling when we used this picture on a fake album cover we made to present the first single. „I know exactly how the rest of the album is going to sound” one DJ reportedly said.

I’m pretty happy about it if i say so myself. By the way „
SLOWPOKE” is an amazing album! It belongs in every musiclover’s collection, so get it now!


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