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Meanwhile, a lot has happened.

These past few years have been quite busy, exciting and life changing. As a kid I always dreamt of becoming a professional comic book artist. I just loved comic books and loved drawing, so what a wonderful way of combining those two passions. But then life happens and you choose a somewhat different creative path to support your family. I continued drawing and painting but more as a hobby, a passion i couldn’t let go of. And then it is like your destiny finds you. Through a series of seemingly unrelated events and after having published a few pages in a local publication and having posted some scribbles online, I find myself inking some pages professionally in 2014. What follows feels like a snowball effect: I get asked to assist on a comic book project, ending up handling almost the entire project on my own. Then a second book followed, and more assistance for other artists, and another solo project and so on and so on....

Looking back i wonder why it took me so long to come out of the woodworks and show my art to the public. I love doing this stuff. I love drawing, creating, telling stories, painting... I am very grateful to the people who have pulled me into this world. Grateful to the editors and grateful to our readers. And if you’re visiting my page, I am grateful to you. In future I’ll try to post regular updates on this page, but I also invite you to follow my Facebook page.

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